Vision: To show the best of Omani seaman-ship skills in supporting Omani ports and shipping company, calling Oman Ports.

Mission: To Do the Right thing in the Right way.

  • To develop our services and employees to their full potential.
  • The SeaManShip and services aims to be recognize as the first choice of Oman ports and shipping companies, which shows the Omani seaman-ship skills in supporting Omani ports, and Omani shipping company by providing the highest quality services to terminals and shipping industry with absolute regard to safety and marine environment.
  • The long-term goals and aspirations of the SeaManShip and services Managers and the SeaManShip and services -QMS are to prevent human injury or loss of life, to avoid damage to asset and the environment, in particular, the marine environment and property by pursuing a policy of zero accidents and zero spills to the sea.

In order to achieve the goals, the Company has established various policies, which are implement throughout the SeaManShip and services -Quality Management System.