SeaManShip and services serves as center for maritime services in provision of marine assurance and compliance, port/terminal operation, port/terminal management and consultancy services. SeaManShip and services possesses highly experienced and duly qualified marine subject matter experts (SME) having advantage of local Omanis experts holding extensive knowledge of the country ports and terminals.    

Our maritime consultants provide the planning, engineering and construction supervision for all types of port facilities including container terminals, ro-ro berths, facilities for coal, oil, gas and dry bulk, fishing ports, cruise terminals, shipyards and dockyards. SeaManShip and services experience extends to inspection and appraisal of ports and harbour structures, asset management and advisory services.

SeaManShip and services provides:

  • Ship Shore Compatibility Studies (SSCS)
  • Vessels mooring lines arrangement/analysis (OPTIMOOR)
  • Port/terminal marine procedures development
  • Port/terminal compliance with the Omani maritime local regulations
  • Conduct self-assessments
  • Maritime terminal/port audit preparation
  • Maritime feasibility studies
  • Navigation route design and assessment
  • Pilot assessments
  • Ship maneuvering simulation