SeaManShip and services mooring/linesmen service will ensure that our work is performed most safely and professionally. Mooring operations continue to pose safety risks for mooring crew and shore personnel as well. We help to review and verify the best mooring practices we also provide training programs to uplift mooring crew operation awareness and bring them to the standard required for safe and reliable operation. SeaManShip and services believe safety comes first therefore we possess safety manuals and ISO 9001 approved management system and we supplemented this with an overall safety culture to all company staff.

The company is very proud to be the first mooring/linesmen service provider approved by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, which indicates the company commitment in providing excellent high standard services to the client.

The SeaManShip and Services Company, operation, safety and security procedures are an important for internal and external risk control and operation assurance. The SeaManShip use safety procedures to ensure that employees do not injure themselves or our customers during operations.