SeaManShip and Services

SeaManShip and Services is a distinguished provider of professional maritime services within the diverse ports of Oman. Our unwavering dedication is anchored in robust business values and steadfast work ethics, underpinned by ongoing individual training initiatives and the implementation of an integrated management system. This collective endeavor propels us towards the pinnacle of operational excellence.

The management of SeaManShip maintains an enduring commitment to environmental sustainability, risk mitigation, and safety standards, positioning our company at the forefront of the nation's maritime service sector.


Vision: To show the best of Omani seaman-ship skills in supporting Omani ports and shipping company, calling Oman Ports.

Mission: To Do the Right thing in the Right way.



It is pleasure for me to address Omani nation and SMS family. We are proud to be purely Omani company having onboard well skilled and motivated Omanis. We are committed in personal developments and improving our workforce skills through hands on training programs. Furthermore, our customer need to expect the best and we deliver and meet this expectation by utilizing best tool with highest recognized standards.